(Adventure Challenge)

iALA offers the following as part of their training in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership:

  • “Know the Ocean”, Survival;
  • Adventure Guide, Training;
  • Mountain Biking & Maintenance;
  • Knysna Forest & Fishriver Canyon, Guide Training;
  • Introduction to Video Editing;
  • SCUBA Open Water Certificate, SETA First Aid Level 3
  • SAMSA SKIPPERS Training;
  • IALA Hunting & Tracking experience as an EXTRA optional (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Driver’s License on application
  • Introduction into Ropes Course, and High and Low Ropes;
  • Leadership & Sustainable Development;
  • Public Speaking and preparing for a first JOB Interview;
  • Master Chef Camp;
  • The Brain Brief Profiles help individuals to learn more about their individual personalities, against the background of neurology
  • University of Stellenbosch CAREER Guidance Programme
  • KOLB Preferred Learning Styles and Experiential Learning training;
  • Life Skills Programme, i.e. problem solving, creativity, analytical thinking, co-operation, team work and values.