(List of Equipment)

Included in the fee
All meals and overnight, transport between destinations and all training plus a Wetsuit, T-Shirt, Hat and Journal.

Extras not included in the fee

  • Career Development R1800.00 p/p is an optional extra. Students can choose whether or not to take part in this programme.
  • Mountain Bike.
  • Springbok during the hunt (Students can decide whether or not they want to hunt. If they do decide to take part, they must take part in the full process of preparing the meat. Students will pay a fee that corresponds with the size of the buck they shoot.

List of Equipment

(The items that are marked, can be purchased directly from IALA. These are ordered directly from Performance Brands or other wholesale companies. The purchase prices are approximately 25% less, compared to retail.

Orders and payments, excluding the course fee, should reach Lydia lydia@iala.co.za by 10 January 2017.

(PLEASE NOTE : Student need not purchase new equipment)
  • Fitted sheet for single bed;
  • Two dish cloths per student to use in the kitchen;
  • The industrial washing machine is available at   R 15.00 per load;
  • Ruck sack for hiking. Recommended – First Ascent Venus (55L) or Jupiter (65L). Available in January 2017, via IALA, at 20% less than retail;
  • Sleeping bag. The Explorer (-8°C) is the most popular in the First Ascent range and one of the most sought-after in South Africa. Students will use the sleeping bag in the Fish River, Europe and on Kilimanjaro;
  • Ground sheet;
  • Inflatable mattress;
  • Diving boots, goggles and snorkel, and flippers [ Students can use any type of flipper, but should bear in mind that the closed heel type is cheaper. Those students who will continue with scuba diving, will use the open heel type with booties, in cold water;
  • Flash light, preferably a head lamp;
  • Pocket knife;
  • Bathing suit/ trunks – no two-pieces or bikini’s allowed;
  • Outdoor clothing – T-shirts and shorts
  • Mountain bike, water bottle, helmet, gloves, cycling outfit; cycling shoes; cycling bib and shirt [ As from May, these can be purchased via IALA];
  • Plate, cereal dish, mug, knife, fork, spoon;
  • Clothing:
  • 3 sets day wear;
  • 2 sets exercise outfits;
  • 4 pairs of socks;
  • 3 sets underwear;
  • Warm jacket;
  • Rain jacket;
  • Running shoes;
  • Extra shoes;
  • Hiking boots – optional [ Running shoes can be used for Fish River trail and Knysna Forest]

These items can be students’ own; no need to purchase new equipment.