International Students Program

Go OVERSEAS into Africa

4 QUARTERS Program

The 4 Q’s program focuses on overseas visitors and volunteers only. The content of the program is as follows;

40 Weeks GAPYEAR Program

(February to October)

This program includes all the aspects of adventure leadership training focusing on health & safety plus search & rescue training and group dynamics.


1. Ocean Skills & Hiking.

(February to March)

The main focus is to learn about waves, tides, coastlines and the ecology of a healthy habitat. Ocean swimming, First Aid and Lifesaving form part of the training. We finish theterm with a hike in the Knysna Forest, the biggest natural rainforest in Southern Africa. We travel in the Eden District and Knysna Forest includingHermanus.

2. Hunting & Survivor

(April to early June)

The focus of this term is on understanding the Biomes of Southern Africa, hunting as skill plus surviving techniques. Tracking and guiding is included into the training. We do all the training against the backdrop of Search & Rescue principles. The optional final phase is to hunt your own buck if you qualify to do so. This is at an extra cost pending the type of animal you hunt. We travel the Western Cape, Cape Town and hike Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, the Southern Cape and Klein Karoo where we do community work at the Jobs 4 Carbon project on a World Heritage site.

3. Community Service. 4×4 Driving, Small Boat Handling & Fishriver Canyon

(July to August)

The basic small  boat handling will teach students more difficult ocean skills. They will be able to do 4×4 training at an extra cost, visit the Transkei for a great Outreach Program in Rural Cultural Villages and we will finally end the term off with the amazing hike in the Fishriver Canyon.

4. SCUBA Diving, Mountain Biking & Rope Skills

(September to October)

In the last term we are off towards the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean to complete our SCUBA Diving and MOUNTAIN Bike training. This will happen at Tsitsikamma a world Heritage Site along our Southern Coastline.