iALA GAPYEAR Challenge

  1. Five (5) BIG Destinations to experience people, places and adventure.
    (Cape Peninsula, EDEN & Southern Cape, Eastern Cape, Klein Karoo and Namibia)
  2. The five (5) Qualities  for GREAT LEADERSHIP development.
    (Courage, competence, clarity, coachability and character) (Define our POTENTIAL & REALITY)
  3. BALANCED Principles and values to enhance performance
    (Personal development, spiritual awareness, emotional awareness and social behavior, physical health and financial skills)(To UNDERSTAND the challenge of reality and expectations)
  4. SUSTAINABLE Resource management @ our destinations
    (Ecology, community and economy)
    ( SERVES THE ADVENTURE TRIANGLE, Understanding personal growth, promoting public good and providing meaningful purpose )
  5. The FOUR (4) settings for leaders
    (The self, the family, community and our global village)