Presenters, team leaders and contracted instructors are appointed based on their knowledge and experience, healthy and balanced values, sober conduct and professionalism.

They are all people with experience in adventure and are excited about challenges. They have a positive lifestyle and the ability to work together as a team.

Over and above the specialist contracted instructors, iALA uses the approach of referrals to individuals that can give specialist attention to specific situations.

Jan Heenop


The leadership and management of iALA is a calling to allow individuals the opportunities to self realisation. iALA requires a personal and business approach and these duties are performed by Jan Heenop.

Georgine Heenop


The students are continuously assessed in terms of their physical condition. Georgine Heenop is responsible for these tests as well as program planning.

JC Swanepoel

Logistics & Team Leader

(Medical Level III, NAUI Open Water, Skippers I Seamile)

Rhona van Vuuren


Cassidy Jansen

Team Leader

William Cockrell

Team Leader

Jacques Raubenheimer

Team Leader

Braam Weyers