IALA is the Lifechanging Challenge of your life

Are you ready to have a life-changing experience with 32 weeks of jam-packed adventure?

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

IALA Leader Year allows you to discover your potential while learning how to surf, hunt, track and hike in locations ranging from the cool sands of the Fish River Canyon, the misty cliffs of the Western Cape, to the lush forests of the Garden Route in sunny South Africa.

The word iALA stands for International Academy for Leadership Through Adventure.

We believe that the development of potential goes hand-in-hand with experiential learning, positive values, discipline and respect for the self, the people around you, and your environment.

From Gapyear to Leader Year From 2020 onwards iALA’s picture will be totally different. We realised that we cannot succeed to make the difference we want to without putting our faith in God and our Calling to Him, first.

The new iALA will follow a Christian and Biblically-based approach where students will be encouraged and empowered to change and to make a difference wherever they go.

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The iALA GAPYEAR offers a feeder program option for students to obtain an International degree. Contact us for details.

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Our programme combine experiences in adventure to unlock potential.

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International Academy for leadership through Adventure in South Africa.

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