Make nature your new classroom

What you will see

You will experience the vast beauty of the Big 5 Destinations, often on foot, as we hike some of the best trails South Africa has to offer.

You will get to see amazing wildlife in its natural habitat – from springbok to sea turtles.

See your personality and confidence grow as you are put to the test in a myriad of situations and fields: from learning survival and rope skills to balancing a budget.

What you will get

After completing the iALA Gap Year Challenge, you will receive the following credits, certificates and life skills:

  • SCUBA Open Water certificate
  • SETA First Aid Level 3
  • SAMSA Skippers training (Exam with SAMSA)
  • iALA Hunting, Tracking and Guiding certificate
  • SEI (Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Inventory) training and Group Dynamics
  • Brain Brief Profiles to help you to learn more about your individual personality, against the background of neurology
  • University of Stellenbosch Career Guidance Programme (optional)
  • KOLB Preferred Learning Styles Analysis
  • Maths and English Education (Extra optional)
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Public Speaking
  • Big 5 Leadership Qualities
  • Video Editing and Photography

What you will need

Included in the fee:

All meals and overnight accommodation, transport between destinations and training costs are included, as well as an iALA wetsuit, T-shirt, hat and journal.

Extras not included in the fee:

  • The Career Development Programme at the University of Stellenbosch is an optional extra (R1 800.00 p/p).
  • Springbok during the hunt. Students can decide whether or not they want to hunt. (If they do decide to hunt, they must take part in the full process of preparing the meat. Students will pay a fee that corresponds with the size of the buck they shoot).
  • A mountain bike.

You will receive a full list of equipment and items to pack upon joining the iALA Gap Year Challenge.


The iALA Gap Year Bucket List: South Africa

  • Experience 5 Big Destinations:
    • Cape Peninsula, Eden & Southern Cape, Eastern Cape, Klein Karoo and Namibia.
  • Develop 5 Qualities for Great Leadership Development:
    • Courage, competence, clarity, coachability and character.
  • Understand the Challenge of Reality and its Expectations:
    • Balance your personal development, spiritual awareness, emotional awareness, social behaviour, physical health and financial skills.
  • Understand the Adventure Triangle:
    • Personal growth, promoting public good and providing meaningful purpose in a sustainable manner.
  • Learn the 4 Settings for Applying Your Leadership Skills:
    • The self, the family, the community and our global village.
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The iALA Gap Year Bucket List: Netherlands

The iALA feeder program for Team Academy – Amsterdam offers a 4-year degree in Entrepreneurship accredited by the Dutch/Flemish accreditation organisation. By opening a South African campus in September 2019, this programme will become more accessible for South African students.

Students will be able to start their future studies at Team Academy in September of each year, but they can fill their year between January till the end of August with an action packed GAPYEAR at iALA. The present adventure curriculum has been restructured to prepare students to make the most of their full time studies at Team Academy – Amsterdam. The 4-year BBA in Entrepreneurship will enable students to follow their dream career in Bussiness or as Entrepreneurs.

Visit team or send an email to for more information.

The iALA GAPYEAR will prepare you for your full-time studies at Team Academy, plus we will offer you the option to better your Maths and English scores for application to Higher Education.

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Loans for your GAP Year @ iALA is available.
Send us an e-mail for more information.

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