iALA | Why a gap year?

Why a Gap Year?

The social sciences, sustainable energy and problem-solving skills form part of the niche in which we are becoming known. The landscape of formal education is changing and we realize that students need experience and training to stand firm in the world of post-formal training. Since adventure has the potential to force people to move outside their comfort zones, it also aids the thought process.

iALA | A Positive Mind

A Positive Mind

In the story of Jenna and Alice, “LEAVING Time”, Jodi Picoult explains how elephants develop their ability to remember, as the result of an extra large hippocampus. Elephants are thought to possess excellent long-term spatial-temporal and social memory, both memory types being at least in part hippocampus dependent.

iALA Blog | Positive Changes

Why is it so HARD to make positive CHANGES?

I’m following the social media on the bold decisions our economical and political leaders are making at present and I’m really interested on the drivers behind their behavior. The real question I’m asking here is;

How many of us know people who have trouble stopping behaviors that are causing physical or emotional harm to other people? How many of us are those people?