What is a GAP YEAR at IALA?

The IALA VISION is to develop the potential of young adults while exposing them to different adventures.

A South African gap year for students in STILBAY, Western cape.

A group of young adults will have a life-changing experience during 32 weeks of adventure, in locations ranging from the cool sands of the Fish River Canyon, the misty cliffs of the Western Cape coast line , the forests of the Garden Route and the natural wonders of the  Eastern Cape shores.

The iALA EDUCATION model for personal development.


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iALA has been offering a EDUCATIONAL GAPYEAR program for students for the past 10 years. The development of potential goes hand in hand with positive values, responsibilities, discipline and respect for the self, the people around you, and your environment. Students are motivated to participate in all the activities in order to develop life skills that are in line with these values.

Our basic principle;

“EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING is one of the tools with a quality of magic to discover POTENTIAL”. It combines emotional and spiritual awareness against the background of neuroscience.

iala Gap year Still Bay 2018

Fish River Canyon 2018


Our programme combine experiences in adventure to unlock potential.

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We travel to 5 destinations to explore, learn and grow.

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International Academy for leadership through Adventure in South Africa.

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